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Douglas County Planning Commission to share final draft of comprehensive plan

On Tuesday, August 23 the Douglas County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to present the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan and receive input from county residents.

The hearing will take place at the Douglas County Courthouse, Commissioners Room on the second floor beginning at 6 p.m.

The Comprehensive Plan determines the future growth and development of Douglas County - affecting all county residents.

The revised plan proposes changes to the zoning districts and ordinance, recommends new policies related to transportation and encourages economic development as well as the preservation of agriculture and rural character.

Also included in the revised plan, for the first time, are sections that address natural resources, parks and trails, as well as intergovernmental cooperation.

These additions as well as many of the goals and policies in the draft plan represent a significant change from the current plan.

Public input and comments on the draft plan are critical to ensuring that residents' goals and values for the county are accurately represented.

During the 30-day comment period, the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan is available for reviews at the county library, the Land and Resource Management office in the courthouse and online at

Comments can be submitted to the Land and Resource Management office at (320) 762-3863 or by e-mail at

The comment period will end on August 29.