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Water collapses Alexandria basement - damage estimated at $40,000

JoMarie Cory, of 214 Park Street, went home for lunch on Monday and found one of her basement walls had collapsed.

JoMarie Cory came home to more than a wet basement on Monday.

In the midst of Monday's heavy rain, a basement wall collapsed under her house.

"I came home during my lunch break to show someone the couch I'm trying to get rid of and this is what I found," Cory said.

The 40-foot long east wall of her basement buckled in and filled her basement with concrete block, mud and water.

"I cried," she told the Echo Press on Tuesday.

The shift of the house's weight caused the other three block basement walls to crack, as well as sheetrock upstairs.

Dale Schroeder, Cory's boyfriend, arrived after the collapse and called in fellow construction workers and other tradesmen to help clean out the mud and stabilize the house.

Several large posts were put in place to support the house temporarily.

Cory's family and friends were moving everything out of her Park Street home Tuesday morning.

At the same time, a landscape crew removed the patio, steps and sidewalk from around her house, preparing for a house lifting crew to arrive.

Schroeder said replacing the entire foundation, including the cost for landscaping and a house mover, will likely total about $40,000.

Cory said her insurance company won't cover it.

After meeting with the local insurance agent Monday afternoon, he reportedly told Cory and Schroeder that the company wouldn't cover the costs because the collapse was considered "a natural earth movement."

Schroeder said, "We were shocked."

As Cory stepped away to make another phone call Tuesday, Schroeder nodded at her and said, "She is always helping people... and for something like this to happen to her..." Schroeder trailed off shaking his head. "I mean, where do you start? Where do you finish? Who do you call?"

Cory has lived in the house for 14 years and said this spring, there had been some seepage from the wall, but she never expected this.

Amy Chaffins

Amy Chaffins is a journalist working for the Echo Press newspaper in Alexandria, Minnesota.

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