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Here's something to talk about on Mother's Day

As the old saying goes "A son is a son 'til he takes him a wife. A daughter is a daughter all of her life." A new national survey shows mothers may indeed believe that saying, counting on their daughters all their lives.

Just in time for Mother's Day, the national poll found 70 percent of mothers with both a son(s) and a daughter(s) would overwhelming choose to move in with their daughter over their son if they could not take care of themselves. A total of 68 percent of mothers say that, as they age, daughters will take better care of them than sons will. And 65 percent of mothers say their daughters, over their sons, would most likely want them to move in.

The newly released national survey polled 335 Americans over age 55. The survey was commissioned by Senior Helpers, one of the leading in-home providers of senior care and the creators of the Stay At Home Score Quiz, ( It's an eight question quiz that determines if the elderly can live independently in their own home. Adult children take the short quiz to help them determine their parents' independence and self sufficiency.

While sorry sons may need to step it up in their mother's eyes, it wasn't all bad news for men.

Nearly 80 percent of parents say their own children (both sons and daughters) will take care of them as well as they, themselves have taken care of their parents.

Almost 70 percent of both mothers and fathers say their children (both sons and daughters)would pay out of their own pockets to care for them as they age.

An overwhelming 94 percent of both mothers and fathers say they would rather live in their own home as they age instead of moving in with any of their children or to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

How the quiz helps

"The survey clearly shows that most aging parents have faith in their children to take care of them as they age, but they almost always prefer to stay in their own homes ," says Dr. John Bowling, senior care and positive aging expert, creator Senior Helpers' Stay At Home Score Quiz ( "Aging parents may insist they're well enough to live in their own homes even if they're not. I developed this quiz to give adult children a guideline to determine their parents needs, whether they are self sufficient, can live at home with help from an in-home caregiver or if it's time to move them to a place where they can get round the clock care."

Other survey findings:

Fathers are nearly split on who they would move in with

The latest survey reveals fathers view moving in with their sons more favorably than mothers do. Nearly 52 percent of fathers surveyed say they'd rather move in with their daughters while 48 percent say they'd rather move in with their sons. And, 57 percent say their daughters would want them to move in while 43 percent say their sons would want them to move in.

Fathers mixed on who makes the better caregiver

Fathers are also kinder to sons than mothers when rating sons' care-giving abilities. A total of 65 percent of fathers say their daughters will take better care of them while they age and 35 percent say sons will take better care of them.