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ACT has an app for that - new mobile website for students

Tech-savvy teens have a new way to prepare for the ACT. The information they need is now right at their fingertips - and it's free.

ACT, Inc., an educational leader in innovative solutions, has released its second new application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The "ACTStudent" app is now available through the App StoreSM.

The ACT student application allows students to:

--Take practice ACT questions

--View their ACT registration status, admission ticket, and scores

--Learn about important test information

"With two college-age kids of my own, and coming from years on college campuses, I'm convinced that new technology is the key way to communicate with young people - and a lot of other people too," said ACT CEO Jon Whitmore.

High school students, schools and parents can continue to access ACT's iPhone college search app released in February.

In addition to the college and student apps for the iPhone, all Smartphone users will now be able to find information on the new ACT mobile website at