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Klobuchar: Enhanced cyber security vital to economic, national security

Washington, D.C. - At a Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing this week, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar called for improved cyber security measures in the United States to combat growing cyber threats and to safeguard critical technological infrastructure. Klobuchar questioned witnesses, including the assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Cyber Division, about the nation's current ability to respond to cyber threats and pushed for greater coordination to effectively manage these threats.

"Protecting our nation's cyber infrastructure is critical as we increasingly depend on it for everything from financial services to running our local utilities efficiently," Klobuchar said. "As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, it's vital that federal agencies, private businesses, and law enforcement coordinate their resources to respond and prevent these crimes from occurring."

The hearing highlighted how cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and often have ties to international syndicates of organized criminals or foreign nations. This increasing sophistication has led to several high-profile thefts of sensitive information, including banking and financial services records, as well as intellectual property highly valued by U.S. businesses.

Klobuchar also discussed ways to strengthen the nation's fight against cybercrime, focusing on better public-private partnerships and greater information-sharing among all relevant stakeholders so that cyber threats can be swiftly identified and countered.

Klobuchar outlined legislation she is working on to increase cyber security, including a bill that will help promote the efficiencies gained by using cloud computing services.