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Council tries to track unresolved items assigned to city staff

The Alexandria City Council now has a new way of handling items that might be forgotten.

Some of the unresolved issues that pop up during council meetings and are assigned to city staff will be placed on an "action list" so the council can keep track of any updates.

The action list will be included in the packets of information that council members receive before their regular meetings.

New council member Virgil Batesole suggested the idea, which was approved by the council at its January 24 meeting. Batesole said he has a problem remembering some of the issues that were discussed in the past and what was being done about them.

He said that two items that were raised at a previous meeting - his suggestion to draw up a contract with the school district about cable TV equipment and a request to designate 34th Avenue as Redbull Avenue - have not been resolved yet and are just kind of "floating around." He said he'd like those items tracked and included in the packets.

Batesole said the problem rested with him, not with staff failing to follow up on items.