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Beautiful Wedding Day Tresses

Photo courtesy of Coenen Photography

Start early

Once you know your wedding date and have the venues booked, start shopping around for a stylist that you'll stick with through your wedding day. You want to make sure this person is in consistent charge of your look, tailoring haircuts and coloring appointments toward the end goal.

Set a schedule

Certain hair tasks should occur at specific times. For example, your final color should be done at least two weeks before the wedding to allow for color blending. A final trim should be around the same time also so that your hair hasn't just been snipped. You'll want haircuts at regular intervals, even if you're growing your hair out for the wedding, to make sure it looks healthy.

Do your research

Browse through magazines and make a look book of styles you like. Discuss with your stylist if they will complement your facial structure, style, hair type, and wedding gown. Talk about the venue and what will be expected of your hair. If you'll be on the beach with blowing wind, a tight up-do might not be practical.

Have a hair rehearsal

Schedule a rehearsal of your wedding day hairdo with your stylist after you come up with a look that's agreed upon. Not only will this help your stylist get his or her technique down pat, it'll enable both of you to fine tune what works and what doesn't. You can also get a feel for your hair so there won't be any surprises once you are ready to walk down the aisle. Make sure to bring your veil with you and make-up your face so you'll get an accurate view of the finished product. Take pictures from all angles to ensure that you're happy with the look from every direction. Remember, you'll be photographed coming and going, in action and at rest, during the wedding.

Pack reinforcements

Some brides opt to invite their stylist to the reception hall for a few touch-ups between venues. If this isn't an option, ask what products to bring along and how you can repair any minor flyaways, etc.

Put it in perspective

Remember, just like everything that you're planning for your wedding, while you hope things go on without a hitch, there may be some snags along the way. Remain calm and go with the flow. Guests are more apt to remember the joyous tone of the day rather than minute details that could frazzle you - like an errant bobby pin or a pull in your stockings. (MS)