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Creative, Budget-Friendly Tips For The Big Day

By choosing handcrafted wedding touches and forgoing pricey extras, creative couples are mixing and matching a surprising combination of one-of-a-kind wedding elements to create unique and personalized celebrations.

From the centerpiece display to the wedding favors, more people are realizing that personal touches can elevate that special day from a cookie-cutter event to an intimately beautiful affair.

Here are four fun and budget-friendly ideas to create a wedding that is anything but generic:

Snip and style. If funds are tight but you want to have lots of flowers, enlist your florist to put together some of the more difficult floral pieces – such as the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets – but ask your wedding party or family members to help create some fun floral centerpieces. Purchase the flowers in bulk from your florist – or cut them from a relative’s flower garden if the season is right – and create your own unique centerpieces.

Pick and choose. To spend wisely, couples are also turning away from one-size-fits-all wedding packages and demanding more flexibility in the types of wedding resources available. From mixing and matching options such as guest stays, reception celebrations and ceremony settings, couples can handpick amenities and services that fit their budget and wedding needs.

Eat and drink. Family and friends can also be offered an inside look at the preferences, passions and experiences enjoyed by the happy couple. Wedding favors could include a favorite chocolate or something that symbolizes the couple’s life (such as local honey, jam or a unique trinket from their hometown). For the aperitif, wine could be poured from a vineyard the couple likes to visit. For the main meal, dishes or drinks can be tailored to represent the cultural heritage of the couple (paella for the Spanish side of the family or vodka for the Russian side of the family). Weddings provide the chance to celebrate the special values and history of the couple, through small details that personalize the event and make the setting more intimate.

Capture and share. A professional photographer should certainly be considered for the most important portions of the wedding (ceremony, bridal party and family pictures, etc.); however, guests can also help capture the rest of the special moments. Before the big day, family and friends can be asked to bring their digital cameras to document the memories, along with a few disposable digital cameras on hand for individuals who do not own or forget their cameras. A free online photo service prior to the wedding can provide the couple, the wedding party and guests with the link to upload, download and share their photos after the special day. Printing costs will be slashed in half and everyone can immediately and automatically have a vast selection of images to choose from for their wedding scrapbooks. (NAPS)

Have a Great wedding FOR LESS

  • Plan the wedding for an offpeak time of year, or for a day of the week other than Saturday.
  • Know someone who has a beautiful home or large garden? Consider having the wedding there. Don’t forget to figure in the cost of renting tables and chairs.
  • Don’t forget the option of borrowing! Many recently-married friends may have items you can borrow to will cut costs.