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Before you tie the knot...

Taking time to sit down with your fiancée or fiancé prior to planning the wedding can help you learn even more about your compatibility and potential for a long-lasting marriage. Here are some of the questions you can ask each other, which may spark meaningful conversation. (Questions courtesy of - (MS)


  • Will we keep our money in joint or individual accounts?
  • What kinds of things will we talk about first before buying?
  • Who is going to be in charge of paying bills and other expenses?
  • How much time do we expect to spend with each other and when?
  • Where will we live?
  • How much will we be able to afford?
  • What if one of us had a career opportunity that required a move to a new city?
  • What if one of us, or both of us, got fired or laid-off?
  • How important is money to our relationship and marriage?
  • What type of material possessions are important to you (each other)?
  • What is your definition of financial security?
  • How much is enough for a "safety net" or "rainy day" fund?
  • How much of our income will we save or invest?


  • Will we have a special "night" together? Once a week, once a month?
  • Who is responsible for cooking or will we share that and how?
  • Do we have conflicting ideas of style?
  • How often do we like to go out with friends alone? Together?


  • What do you like, or dislike about my family?
  • Is our individual relationship with our family going to stay the same?
  • How will we share time with our families during the holidays? Intimacy and children:
  • How do we deal with each other's sexual expectations and needs?
  • Describe your idea of the ultimate sexual experience?
  • Will we have children? When and how many?
  • What will we do if we can't have children together (adoption, other options)?
  • How might things around the house/home change once a child is born?
  • Will one of us give up our career to stay home with our child/children?

Our relationship:

  • What do you love about me?
  • Why are you marrying me?
  • How might previous relationships we've had affect our marriage, if at all?
  • What about me drives you crazy or makes you frustrated?
  • What about our personalities is different and might be a source of conflict?
  • How would we know we're having problems and what would we do about it?