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Dog obedience training classes start January 3

Contributed A cute puppy watched the other participants in a recent dog obedience class.

All dogs want to please their masters, but this is difficult to do for a dog that has never learned proper behavior. Obedience training is a good way for a dog to learn about good manners and socialization. Experienced volunteers working with Lakes Area Recreation provide this training for the dogs and their owners by conducting a series of six obedience classes starting Monday, January 3, 2011, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and continuing for each consecutive Monday through February 7.

These six one-hour classes will each have a separate kindergarten class for puppies and another class for adult dogs. Only "gentle and reward" training methods are used.

The curriculum will include socialization, basic obedience, and when appropriate, behavior problems will be addressed. The final 15 minutes of the hour-long classes include a "recess" period, during which the dogs and the trainers will develop confidence by having fun on the agility course, consisting of hurdles, ramps, tunnels and a teeter-totter.

The classes will take place in the Lakes Area Recreation's gymnasium accessible through the Douglas County Library's entrance off of Fillmore Street in Alexandria. The fee for each series of six classes is $50, payable to Lakes Area Recreation (LAR). To enroll in the class, call Donna Rae Pugh at (320) 762-8980 or e-mail