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Sebeka man charged with gun crimes

A Sebeka man was charged in Wadena County District Court with five gun crimes after an incident in which he allegedly pointed a weapon at a woman's head.

According to court documents, Bobby John Haley, 22, pointed a 30-30 rifle at a sleeping woman around 4 a.m. on Oct. 29, waking her up. He allegedly worked the action of the rifle and pulled the trigger of the unloaded weapon, pointing it both at the woman and himself.

Sebeka Police Chief Eric Swenson responded to the call and found Haley sleeping in his bed. Swenson took Haley into custody and secured the firearms.

On the way to jail, Haley asked Swenson why he was being arrested. Swenson detailed the account of the incident, and Haley allegedly admitted pointing the gun at the woman.

Haley was on probation from a felony controlled substance crime in September 2009 and a DWI from July 2010. He was charged Nov. 1 with a felony count of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, and four gross-misdemeanor charges of certain persons not to receive, ship, or transport pistols, semiautomatic military-style assault weapons or firearms.

An omnibus hearing was scheduled for Nov. 23.