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Someplace Safe Thrift Store chosen for Pepsi Refresh Project

On September 1, the Pepsi Refresh Project polls opened again for a new round of voting at

The Someplace Safe Thrift Store in Alexandria was one of 1,000 grant submissions accepted for voting in September.

Pepsi is giving away millions each month to fund refreshing ideas from people, non-profits and businesses that will have a positive impact on the community. The ideas with the most votes from the public, will receive grants.

Starting September 1, you can go to the website and vote daily throughout September for the $50,000 grant submitted for the Someplace Safe Thrift Store.

Someplace Safe Thrift Store in Alexandria has a mission to exist as a viable cornerstone to raise funds and awareness for Someplace Safe services, engage communities, recycle usable goods, provide employment, and volunteer opportunities.

Since purchasing the business from Rodney Nicholas and Shirley Dunn on June 1, Someplace Safe has been working toward the following objectives:

•To engage the community in the work of Someplace Safe by reaching the public's heart with the need for their work.

•To be a safe place for the general public to discreetly learn how to access Someplace Safe's services for a family member, a friend or themselves.

•To provide a wide range of used merchandise, household goods, linens, clothing, furniture and decorative items at reasonable prices.

•To provide thrift store vouchers to those who use Someplace Safe services.

•To have a clean and spacious secondhand place for people to shop.

•To be a popular place to shop because of the friendly, fun atmosphere created by well-trained, attentive staff.

•To provide volunteer opportunities and on-the-job training.

•To provide another way of supporting Someplace Safe through an opportunity to give donations of items instead of money.

•To be an active and high profile member of the community, and provide continual reinvestment through participation in community activities.

•To achieve financial self-sufficiency for Someplace Safe.