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Double the love for cats at Lakes Area Humane Society

Have you been considering a new cat or kitten for your family? Are you thinking it's time to adopt a cat or two for companionship? Then the "Double the Love" program is just what you've been waiting for.

You can adopt one cat or kitten at the Lakes Area Humane Society (LAHS) from August 1 through October 31 and the adoption fee will be waived for the second cat. For one low fee, both your new cats will be spayed or neutered, vet checked and up to date on vaccines.

During the summer and fall months, LAHS receives an overwhelming number of cats and kittens. Due to this, the shelter wishes to place them into new life-time homes as quickly as possible. With the Double the Love program, an adopter might be able to keep a mother cat and her kitten together or to introduce two cats that can become life-long companions.

The Double the Love offer is available only at the time of adoption, during the months of August through October, is not retroactive and adoption fees are non-refundable. Both cats must be adopted at the same time, the second being an adult cat, 1 year of age or older.

If cats aren't your pets of choice, you should know that Lakes Area Humane Society has dogs in all shapes and sizes at the shelter as well. While they're not a part of the Double the Love program, they are also loving and playful companions in need of happy homes.

To take advantage of the Double the Love program, go to Lakes Area Humane Society, 3811 Nevada Street Southwest to visit the cats and kittens for adoption, or view them online at

For more information, please contact LAHS at (320) 759-2260.