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Here's the news on County Road 42

Echo Press graphic The highlighted area indicates where construction will soon take place.

With summer in full swing, people may be wondering why the construction project on County Road 42 hasn't started yet.

According to Dave Robley, Douglas County Public Works director, it's because the public spoke and public works listened.

Last summer - during most of the season - the County Road 42 project was in full swing. It began early and concluded at the end of August.

This year, after hearing comments from the public and business owners about last year's project and the timing of it, Robley said this year's project would start later.

"We gave them [a constuction-free] May, June and July," said Robley. "Hoping traffic and business will taper off a little when we start."

Robley said there were questions about holding off until after the Resorter's Golf Tournament in August, but he said the project was already put on hold for Memorial Day, fishing opener and the Fourth of July.

The project is slated to begin about the first week of August and will probably go into October.

Robley said it would be much the same as last year's project with a similar design - the road will be widened, a sidewalk put in and water main work completed.

This year's County Road 42 project stretches from Blakes by the Lakes to the Carlos/L'Homme Dieu Bridge.

County Road 42 will be closed during the construction period, but there will be access to local residents during that time.

Rotary Beach, as well as the public boat access, will both be closed during the construction period.

Robley noted that the county has an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources to do some reshaping of the public boat access, as well as paving the access.

The city water main will be installed from Blakes by the Lakes up to Bay Lane. It will be the same type of work that was done last year, said Robley.

One key component, he added, is the weather. It will play a factor in how fast the work can be done.

The county is opening bids today, June 30. Robley said a contract should then be awarded on July 13 and that the work will begin shortly after that.