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1087082 Sealed Bids - Alexandria High School Site Prep

Sealed Bids

Publish May 26, 28, 2010

Project Identification: Alexandria School District #206, will receive sealed bids for:










until 2:00 PM (CST), Wednesday, June 9, 2010, at the District Office, 1410 South McKay Avenue, Alexandria, Minnesota, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Bidders are invited to attend. Bids received after 2:00 p.m. will be returned unopened.

Bid Form: Bids shall be upon form provided by the Owner. Envelopes containing bids must be sealed, marked "Proposal, WETLAND MITIGATION AND SITE ENTRY PREPARATION - FUTURE ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL SITE (re-bid)" with the name and address of the bidder and the date and hour of the opening and addressed to:

Alexandria School District #206, Attn: Dr. Terry Quist, Superintendent, 1410 McKay Avenue, Alexandria, MN 56308

The complete form shall be without alterations, additions, or erasures. All bids must be on a lump sum basis.

Description of Work: Alexandria School District #206 is seeking a qualified contractor to provide Wetland Mitigation and Site Entry Preparation at the future site of the new Alexandria High School. Specific work consists of excavation and soil import, earthwork, storm sewer, erosions control, temporary and permanent seeding, site restoration and other related work.

Basis of Bids: Lump sum Bids will be received for Work included in Contract. Bidders shall also submit individual lump sum bids on requested alternates.

Procurement of Documents: Project documents will be available at You may download the complete set of digital bidding documents for $25 by entering eBidDoc™ #1202806 on the "Search Projects" page. Please contact at 952.233.1632 or for assistance in downloading and working with this digital project information.

Examination of Documents: Copies of the specifications are available at the office of Anderson-Johnson Associates, Inc., Landscape Architects, Site Planners and Engineers, 7575 Golden Valley Road, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55427, 763.544.7129 AND at Ringdahl Architects, 510 22nd Avenue East, Alexandria, MN 56308.

Bonding Requirements: Successful contractors shall be required to provide a Performance Bond and a Labor and Material Payment Bond in the amount of 100 percent of the Contract Amount.

Bid Security: Each bidder must accompany their proposal with a Cashier's Check, Bid Bond, or Certified Check equal to 5% of the amount of the Proposal payable to Alexandria School District #206 as a guarantee of prompt execution of the contract in accordance with the Proposal and Contract Documents and that they will furnish bond acceptable to Alexandria School District #206 covering performance of the Contract.

Substitution of Materials: Bidders who wish to provide an unspecified product which meets or exceeds the minimum requirements specified, may submit written requests for approval by Anderson-Johnson Associates, Inc. not less than 7 days before Bid Date.

Owner's Right to Reject Bids: Owner reserves the right to reject a Bid which is in any way incomplete or irregular or to waive informalities in a Bid received, and accept a Bid, which in the Owner's judgment is in the Owner's best interests.

Withdrawal of Bids: No bid shall be withdrawn subsequent to the opening of the bid without the consent of the School Board of Alexandria School District #206 of Minnesota for a period of forty-five (45) days after the scheduled time of closing bids.