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New thrift store helps victims of violence

Here's a way to find a good deal on clothes and household items and, at the same time, help victims of domestic abuse and other crimes.

The Someplace Safe Thrift Store will open at 619 Broadway (Alexandria Thrift Store) on Tuesday, June 1.

All of the income generated through the store will help support Someplace Safe programs for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and general crimes.

"State funding continues to decline while the demand for our services is up," said Jeanne Jacobs, Someplace Safe's executive director. "A thrift store seemed like a natural way to provide material needs to victims of violence while financially sustaining our services."

In 2009, Someplace Safe served nearly 3,000 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and general crimes in an eight county service area - 38 percent from Douglas County.

A 24-hour crisis line was used by 881 callers.

Seventy percent of the women and children seeking emergency shelter are from rural Minnesota. Forty-three families were provided safety through a hotel/motel network.

Someplace Safe received donations from corporations, foundations, and banks in their service area to support the start of this thrift store.

Owners Shirley Dunn and Rodney Nichols have also been very generous in their efforts to support issues related to domestic violence, according to Someplace Safe advocates.

The community can support the Someplace Safe Thrift Store by donating gently used clothing, shoes, toys, household items and furniture. Donations will be accepted beginning July 1.

If you are interested in learning more about the Someplace Safe Thrift Store or the programs and services provided by Someplace Safe, contact Jeanne Jacobs at

Someplace Safe is a non-profit organization serving victims of domestic violence by providing a 24-hour emergency shelter for battered women and their children, and outreach advocacy support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and general crimes.

Someplace Safe also operates five Parenting Time Centers to provide supervised visitations and exchanges for children and their families. There are outreach offices in Alexandria, Glenwood, Elbow Lake, Morris, Perham, Fergus Falls, Wheaton, Ortonville and Breckenridge.

Its mission is: "To create a safer world for everyone, we work to eliminate violence and oppression through advocacy, education and services."

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