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Productive Alternatives offering fish house raffle

Productive Alternatives (PA) is again offering a "Win the Dream Ice Castle Fish House" raffle.

The drawing will take place Saturday, December 4 at the Prairie Christmas Event in the Parkers Prairie High School Gym at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $20 and are available at PA.

Funds raised will go toward revitalizing and remodeling projects that include a roof, insulation, windows, a drive-through area and a wind generator to power the Fergus Falls PA campus.

By completing these projects, $65,000 in energy costs can be saved per year in PA's main facility.

Since PA is a non-profit agency, donations are tax deductible. You need not be present to win the raffle. A total of 1,000 tickets are available.

The grand prize is a six-and-a-half foot by 14 foot Ice Castle fish house with five holes from Paul's Small Engine Service in Alexandria. It's worth $7,000.