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1066046 Public Notice - Public Health Ordinances

Public Notice

Publish April 16, 2010





Please take notice that at 9:30 a.m. on the 27th day of April 2010, at their regularly scheduled meeting in the Commissioner's Room at the Douglas County Courthouse, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will consider adopting revisions to five public health ordinances pertaining to the delegation agreement with the MN Department of Health regarding inspection and licensing of regulated establishments and enforcement of the applicable laws for the purpose of preventing and abating public health risks. The following ordinance revisions will be considered:

1. Douglas County Environmental Health Administrative Ordinance that provides the regulatory authority and responsibility to implement and enforce the powers and duties delegated to the Douglas County Board of Health. It further establishes procedures for administering MN Statutes and Rules covered by the delegation agreement when the MN Statute and Rules do not establish separate procedures.

2. Douglas County Manufactured Home Park, Recreational Camping Area and Special Event Recreational Camping Area Ordinance that establishes public health rules and regulations surrounding manufactured home parks, recreational camping areas and special event recreational camping areas.

3. Douglas County Lodging Ordinance that establishes the statutory requirements and guidelines for the regulation of licensed lodging establishments in Douglas County.

4. Douglas County Food Manager Certification Ordinance that establishes the scope and certified food manager requirements for food establishments in Douglas County.

5. Douglas County Public Swimming Pool Ordinance that establishes the requirements for licensed public swimming pools in Douglas County.

Copies of these ordinances may be obtained by contacting Melissa Howe, Douglas and Pope Counties Environmental Health, at 320-762-3002 or by email to