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Manufacturing poll results to be revealed

Bob Kill, president and CEO of Enterprise Minnesota, will present and analyze the findings from the second annual State of Manufacturing poll at a manufacturing conference this Thursday.

The conference will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Douglas Machine in Alexandria.

For two weeks in January, Public Strategies of Alexandria, Virginia, surveyed 500 manufacturing executives statewide in Minnesota to determine the following:

•How have manufacturers overcome the economic slowdown?

•What do they predict for 2010's profitability?

•How many jobs have been saved or lost?

•Which sectors show the greatest vulnerability?

•Which sectors show the greatest resilience?

•What issues are they most concerned about?

•What do they seek from government?

Attendees will receive a book that includes all the findings, the topline results, the pollster's analysis, selected cross tabulations and full transcripts from 12 focus groups. It will also include four chapters of related analysis from top professionals.

For more information, contact Nate Duoss from Enterprise Minnesota at (612) 455-4213.