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Their love is classified

Louella Koenig and Leo Zaviska met through a classified advertisement she placed in the Detroit Lakes Tribune last summer. Seven months later, the couple is still together.

Valentine's Day is a holiday meant to be celebrated with the one you love.

And thanks to a personal ad placed in the Detroit Lakes Tribune last summer, Louella Koenig and Leo Zaviska will be doing just that.

"70 year old lady would like to meet a nice guy," read the advertisement placed by the hopeful Detroit Lakes resident on June 28. "If interested, call me."

Zaviska, a semi-retired welder from Mahnomen, spotted the ad while he was reading the paper at a laundromat in Mahnomen.

He called the telephone number in the ad -- and Koenig asked him to meet her at the Parade of the Northwest, held in Detroit Lakes on July 19th.

"He came down there at 11:30 -- he was prompt," Louella recalled. "He gave me a hug, and we sat down and talked."

They hit it off right away.

"We went to the parade, walked around the mall, then went down to the lake and sat together," Louella said.

That first meeting led to a second encounter.

"I wanted a vacation," said Louella. "I hadn't had one since 2001."

So she decided to spend a weekend at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen.

"He (Leo) asked if he could come with," she said.

Louella agreed to let her new beau accompany her -- and it turned out to be a memorable weekend.

"We listened to The Roosters -- they dedicated a song to us," she said. "He was kissing me -- we felt like newlyweds."

Louella even won $1,000 on the slot machines -- with a little help from Leo.

"We really enjoyed ourselves," she said. "We just got along -- it seemed like we clicked."

After that first date, Leo told her, "I'll be back for more kisses."

"She said -- they're free!" he joked.

Many more kisses followed.

"We can't leave each other alone," Louella said, adding with a smile, "I might be a little too wild for you though."

"She's kind of hard on the men," joked Leo (a reference to the fact that Louell's previous boyfriend and husband had both died of heart disease). "Maybe I should start running."

But it's been seven months, and so far, he's shown no signs of going anywhere.

"He said the first time he saw me he fell in love with me -- I suppose I did too," said Louella.

This past weekend, the couple made a return visit to the Shooting Star -- and they plan to enjoy a romantic dinner in Detroit Lakes together on Sunday.

"I have no regrets," Louella said of placing that personal ad. "I found my guy."


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