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Jeff James to perform at Carlos Creek Winery

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Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria is proud to present Jeff James in concert.

James is scheduled to perform at the winery Saturday, January 30 from 2 to 6 p.m.

After years of performing in the genres of rock, country and folk - seven years spent in Minnesota and six in Nashville, Tennessee - James is a highly seasoned musician. He has played for crowds ranging in size from three to 3,000.

If you have been to a "Jeff James Show," you have seen a guy with an acoustic guitar and a bunch of equipment with wires and a bass guitar sitting on a stand.

When his show starts, audience members typically hear drums - a high hat, followed by a snare drum and then maybe a kick drum. Most people believe James uses a drum machine, but he doesn't - it's all live.

After the sounds of the drums are heard, guitar sounds fill the air followed by the sounds of a bass guitar followed by the incredible sound of his voice.

Audience members can hear simultaneously percussion, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and vocals, but it's not karaoke or pre-recorded tracks - it's all live.

James uses what's called an RC-50 Loop Station, which helps fill his songs up with depth of more instrumentation and the width of improvisational lead guitar.

The system allows him to play lines of guitar that get recorded with a quick punch of a foot pedal and then plays it back when he wishes. He then stacks other instruments on top of those lives - but it's all live, he said.

Organizers of his shows says the public "won't want to miss this incredible show."

More information about Jeff James can be found at his website at