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Veterans Scenic Drive approved by Todd County Board

Attorney Randy Brown, along with Kathy and Fred Edenloff, were present at the Todd County Commissioners meeting to discuss designating the scenic loop in Todd County as the Veterans Scenic Drive.

Brown said that they were requesting that the board formally adopt the name Veterans Scenic Drive as the name of the loop. He said they had discussed calling it the Todd County Scenic Loop, but that it touched other counties including Douglas and Morrison. It was also noted that Commissioner David Kircher had previously mentioned a desire to have more roads within the county designated as veterans highways.

They presented a map of the proposed scenic route, which includes travel through the cities of Swanville (Morrison), Long Prairie, Osakis (Todd and Douglas) and along various highways throughout Todd County, including the now infamous County Road 55.

Brown said that the route will be without expense to the county.

Previously, the plan had been to include this in the State of Minnesota Scenic Byways Program, but the program is not open at this time. The program did require inclusion of two cities.

Brown and the others involved in the project hope that this will increase tourism throughout the county and will be of economic benefit.

Kircher asked why the other county boards in Douglas and Morrison counties were approached for approval of this before Todd County was.

K. Edenloff said that because they could no longer call it the Todd County Scenic Loop because it included other counties now, they had asked those other counties for approval. She said that Todd County had approved the scenic loop - this was just for the name of it. The scenic loop was approved by resolution at a board meeting on July 29, 2008.

"I feel offended that this did not originate here. I feel we should have been the first board to adopt this," said Kircher.

K. Edenloff said, "It was not meant in any offense to anyone. You had already approved having the loop. We felt that we needed to get other things in place first. You have already approved it. This is just designating a name now."

"I get that. My point is that the other boards did it first [named it]," said Kircher.

Commissioner Randy Neumann said that he thought this was just showing that the other boards stood by this.

Kircher replied that he felt Todd County should have been approached to start with and get their support and then get the other boards' support, not the other way around.

"I do support this, but I think we should have been the initiating board. I did say I wanted more veteran's drives," said Kircher.

K. Edenloff said, "We did not intend to offend anyone. If we did, I publicly apologize. The name was just honoring our veterans - to bring attention to our veterans every day."

The board approved the resolution to name the route Veterans Scenic Drive.


This article is reprinted, with permission, from the Independent News Herald.