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Quadruple the fun: Four comedians to perform in Parkers Prairie on New Year's Eve

Got plans for New Year's Eve? How about ringing in the New Year with four very funny people?

A New Year's Eve comedic celebration will take place at the Parkers Prairie Event Center featuring the comedy of Todd Andrews, Mike Brody, Tom Steffen and Rox Tarrant.

The show will take place Thursday, December 31 beginning at 8 p.m.

A dinner is scheduled before the show and will begin at 6 p.m.

Tickets for both the dinner and the show are $30 per person. Show only tickets are $20. Tickets are available at the following Parkers Prairie locations - City Hall, Dick's Standard and Sammy's One Stop.

The event is a Comedy on the Rox production.

For more information, call (218) 338-4115.

About the performers

•Todd Andrews will lead you on a saga about the trials and observations of a "Boston boy lost in Wisconsin."

His stories focus on his fish-out-of-water experiences, his married life and all of his odd life experiences.

The producer of the show said, "Let Todd's witty charm and likable personality wrap you into his funny adventures of living in the Midwest."

For more information about Andrews, visit his website at

•Mike Brody has been performing since 2000 and is now a favorite all across the country.

Brody has opened for legendary madman Wesley Willis and is the official event comedian of the Atlantic Paranormal Society.

His show has been described as a mix of intelligent humor, without being holier-than-thou; energy, without being obnoxious; and lovable dorkiness, without the pocket protector.

For more information about Brody, visit his website at

•Tom Steffen has performed in numerous clubs in the upper Midwest and recently appeared at the prestigious Winnipeg Comedy Festival and the Johnny Carson Comedy Festival.

He says he looks like a sane person, but that people shouldn't judge a book by its cover. His off-kilter outlook on life keeps audiences laughing for more.

Steffen shares the goofy adventures he finds in everyday living - from his days spent toiling away in his cubicle at his "day job," to the absurd and bizarre things to be found in the seemingly ordinary art of conversation.

For more information about Steffen, visit his website at

•Rox Tarrant is the host, producer and founder of Comedy on the Rox, as well as the "Twin Cities Diva of Late Night Comedy!"

When Tarrant was a young girl, she dreamed of being a comedienne and now that she is a comedienne, she dreams of being a young girl.

Tarrant is the driving force behind the Parkers Prairie New Year's Eve show and continually engages and entertains audiences across the Midwest.

She recently won the

"Dubh Linn Over With Laughter" comedy contest and is about to make her Las Vegas debut.

For more information about Tarrant, visit her website at