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AAAA to hold audition for 'A Bad Year for Tomatoes'

Wanted: Adventurous adults willing to act crazy, work hard, have fun and perform on stage.

The Alexandria Area Arts Association (AAAA) Theatre will be holding auditions for its next production - A Bad Year for Tomatoes, which is written by John Patrick and will be directed by Betsy Ostenson.

The auditions are scheduled for Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 1 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. both days. There are parts for seven characters - four women (one lead and three supporting) and three men (two supporting and one small role).

The performances will take place two weekends - February 12-14 and February 19-21. Rehearsals will be four to five evenings per week beginning December 28 - weather dependent.

Ostenson is making her directorial debut at the AAAA for this production. Her theatrical background includes directing the first three Sven and Ole Christmas plays, written by Kevin Lee of Miltona, for Prairie Wind Players in Barrett. In addition, she has directed two mystery dinner theater productions as well as various other special events. Ostenson has also performed in a number of Prairie Wind Player productions, including Everybody Loves Opal and Nunsense.

The roles for A Bad Year for Tomatoes include the female lead, Myra Marlowe, a famous Hollywood TV actress who is giving up her glamorous life to retire and write her memoirs. Her agent and life-long friend, Tom Lamont, tries to persuade her to return to Hollywood, but she insists on retiring.

Once the noisy neighbors begin to arrive, her visions of peace and quiet are shattered. First, the town's busybodies - Cora Gump and Reba Harper - try to befriend her. Then, the local fortuneteller, Willa Mae Wilcox, stops by to read her palms. Finally, Piney, the town handyman, offers his services as a wood chopper, chimney cleaner and manure hauler.

In order to scare off these intruders, Myra invents a crazy sister, locked in an upstairs room, played by herself - of course. As with all comedies, once the lie is started, the story rolls out of control with hilarious consequences.

For more information, contact the AAAA Theatre at (320) 762-8300 or call Betsy Ostenson at (218) 948-2197.