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Tossing around some summer fun: Fillmore Park one of 100 disc golf courses in Minnesota

Echo Press photo by Rebecca Anderson Jackson Moore, Gage Sconzalla, Dylan Hoffman, and Cammeran Brown enjoyed a beautiful day in Dean Melton Fillmore Park with a game of disc golf Wednesday - the first day this summer that hit 90 degrees.1 / 2
Echo Press photo by Rebecca Anderson Here is the goal for disc golfers: a wire-caged "hole."2 / 2

if you're looking for something new and fun to do this summer, disc golf might be for you.

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in Minnesota.

Disc golf's popularity in Alexandria began to rise in 1996. Now, many disc golfers play on the course that was added to Dean Melton Fillmore Park in 1997.

According to Trevor Shatek, an avid disc golfer, Minnesota has more than 100 disc golf courses, which are usually added to public parks by the community. Because of this, there are no fees to worry about; use of the course is free for everyone.

It's played just like regular golf except players use specially made Frisbee-like discs instead of balls and clubs, said Bill Thoennes, Alexandria city parks director. The holes are replaced by wire baskets that are designed to catch the discs.

Shatek noted that disc golf is also played with the same rules as regular ball golf. The disc is thrown in a "drive" from a concrete tee pad. When the disc lands within 30 feet of the basket, the golfer has made it to the "green." When the disc lands in the basket, the golfer may proceed to the next hole. Throws are equivalent to strokes in regular golf and disc golf holes also have a "par."

Shatek said that disc golf is a great family activity that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, from 2 to 72.

It's also inexpensive - you only need one disc to play, and discs can cost anywhere from $7 to $25. Discs can be found at Cowing Robards and at Super America. Shatek also sells discs wholesale. And there are no green fees or tee times to worry about.

Shatek says that the most rewarding part of disc golf is "that one perfect throw."

It's also a great way to connect with family and friends, and enjoy Minnesota's beautiful parks, he added.

For more information on disc golf, visit the Professional Disc Golf Association website at or the Minnesota Frisbee Association at