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Progress made on CR 42: Detour will be lifted soon

Vacationers may not like this summer's weather, but it's been an advantage for road construction crews.

"The dry summer has helped," said Douglas County Public Works Director Dave Robley of the road construction project on County Roads 42/11/34.

He added that the project is on schedule and the detour should be lifted within the next three weeks, if not sooner.

Robley said the project is still "going great" and that the first layer of asphalt is on and curb and gutter work has been completed.

Sidewalk work should be completed next week and landscape wall work should be finished up this week, he said.

There is still utility work that needs to be completed and driveways still need to be finished.

Robley noted that private contractors have begun working on water projects for property owners that live along County Roads 42/11/34.

On Monday, Robley talked with road construction workers to find out when the roads would be reopened and the detour lifted. He was told, "As soon as it can be done safely."

He also stressed that access is provided to residents living along the construction zone, but that all other traffic should be using the detours until the road is officially open.

Robley noted that signs are in place to help direct motorists to each of the businesses in the construction zone.

"All businesses are accessible," stressed Robley. "[Motorists] will just have to follow the signage."

The $1.726 million project, which includes water main work, is being completed in stages. The first stage includes the intersection of County Road 42 and South L'Homme Dieu Drive and ends at County Road 42 at Ross Garden NW.

Stage two runs from the intersection of County Road 42 and Ross Garden NW to the Carlos/Darling Bridge, right before the County Road 11/34 split.

Stage three is the section of County Road 42 at the Indian Mounds (formerly the intersection where Timberdoodle gift shop was located) to Blakes by the Lakes, which is about one-quarter mile northeast of the County Road 11/42 intersection.

The bulk of the work, said Robley, will be the underground improvements such as the water main and utilities, which includes gas, electrical, phone and cable lines.

This year's work is nearing completion, said Robley. In 2010 and 2011, work will continue with phase two and phase three of the overall project.