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Native American artifacts on display in Alexandria July 26

A Native American Artifact Show is planned for Sunday, July 26 in Alexandria.

The Gopher State Archaeological Society will host the annual event from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Holiday Inn.

The show is for anyone interested in the early history, cultures and artifacts of North America.

Local collectors will display a wide range of items from arrowheads to beadwork.

Many of the items are local to this region where the archaeological records span 12,000 or more years. The artifacts displayed represent a wide range of material, such as flint arrowheads, flint knives, stone axes, celts, copper tools, bone tools and more recent historical items such as beadwork.

If anyone has found items or has items that have been passed along through family, they are encouraged to bring them to the show.

A number of experts will be available to look at artifacts that are brought in.

For more information about the event or to have a display table set up, call John Lindquist at (320) 834-4788.