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Hey ladies, do you love to sing? Then try out the Alexienne Chorus

The Alexienne Chorus of Alexandria (Sweet Adelines International) invites any area women who like to sing to a special six-week open membership series.

The goal is to perform after the six weeks at a church sing-out in the Alexandria area on Sunday, August 23.

Beginning Tuesday, July 7, guests are invited to attend rehearsal, learn three songs along with the chorus, and then perform with the chorus at its church sing-out on August 23.

It is not required that guests know how to read music - they should have a love of vocal music and have the ability to sing.

Rehearsals begin at 6:30 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, 9th and Douglas, in Alexandria (use back door off parking lot along Cedar Street).

Guests will experience vocal production lessons, learning new music and sharing the hobby and love of singing.

The time commitment for each rehearsal is approximately one hour, after which guests may leave or stay and listen to the remainder of the chorus rehearsal for other upcoming events.

This open membership and church sing-out opportunity does not obligate participants to any further commitment in the chorus.

If planning to attend the July 7 rehearsal, RSVP so a guest packet can be prepared. To RSVP, contact Pam Baker at (320) 846-0094 after 6 p.m. or leave a message. E-mails may be sent to If you don't have time to RSVP, but want to attend anyway, there will be a couple of extra packets ready.

Sweet Adeline choruses feature ladies barbershop-style music in four parts - bass, baritone, lead and tenor. These are roughly the equivalent in women's voices to alto/men's tenor range, contralto/men's baritone range, soprano and second soprano.

For more information or to arrange carpooling from other towns and areas surrounding Alexandria, call (320) 283-5841.

Current members of the Alexienne Chorus are from Alexandria, Barrett, Brandon, Carlos, Evansville, Kensington, Parkers Prairie, Sebeka, Starbuck and Wadena.

Sharon Kempf of Wadena directs the Alexienne Chorus.