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Here's a look at the proposed outdoors funding projects

Projects proposed to be funded with $139 million in constitutionally dedicated sales tax revenue:

-- Acquisition of forest land or easements, with priority on private land within existing state forests, $20 million

-- Protect land within western Minnesota tall grass prairie habitat preservation area, $1.5 million

-- Restoration and acquisition of wetland and shallow lake habitat, $20.8 million

-- Acquisition of land for wildlife management areas with native prairie or grassland habitats, $3.9 million

-- Matching grants to local governments for restoration and protection of forests, wetlands or prairies, $4 million

-- Agriculture-related programs to clean polluted water, assess groundwater, protect drinking water, $6.3 million

-- Health studies on drinking water contaminants and other water protection, $1.5 million

-- Water quality projects through Board of Water and Soil Resources, $22.4 million

Projects proposed to be funded with $26.1 million in lottery proceeds:

-- Land and soil surveys, trout stream management, $5.9 million

-- State park, trail and natural area acquisition and restoration, $2.2 million

-- Habitat conservation: $3.4 million

-- Lake habitat research, storm water management, tile drainage evaluation, $1.4 million

-- Ballast water sampling and disinfecting programs in northeastern Minnesota, $491,000

-- Control of invasive fish species, $300,000

-- Native and invasive plant research, Concordia College-Moorhead, $47,000

Sources: Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council, Minnesota Legislature, Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources