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Chili feed will help pay medical mission in Honduras

A chili feed benefit will be held Sunday, March 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Glenwood Lutheran Church.

Enjoy chili, bread, beverage and dessert, and learn about the important work of International Health Services (IHS) of America through pictures and a presentation.

This benefit is to raise funds to help IHS purchase critically needed medical and pharmacy supplies for the very poor of Honduras.

The Glenwood fundraising committee is made up of individuals who have gone to Honduras to do mission work with International Health Services of Minnesota, a 501(c)(3) charity. At present, about 22 people from the Glenwood area have participated in Honduras projects, mostly on medical clinic, dental, surgical and eye glasses teams.

The committee's short-term goal is to do fundraising to assist the IHS organization budget so they can continue to provide adequate pharmacy supplies, medical equipment, surgical supplies, dental supplies and eye glasses (from the Lions organization) to the teams they send.

About IHS

The organization has been sending people to Honduras for about 27 years. It started out with just a few dentists who had a desire to take dental care to very remote Honduras where there was no medical or dental care available. In many remote locations, this is still the case.

Soon they were taking both dentists and physicians to these remote clinics. Today, the annual February project consists of 12 medical teams going to 10 sites.

Typically, it takes about $5,000 in medical and pharmacy supplies for each team going. The committee is raising funds to help cover the costs.

Separate from these costs, all participants travel to Honduras at their own expense as well as paying a fee that covers their food and general expenses. In this way, all donations go directly to paying for the needed medical supplies that go to the local people.

For more information, contact John Kirckof, IHS BOD, at (320) 634-4386.