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Donations to YMCA will be doubled, thanks to Douglas Machine

Here's another incentive to contribute to the Alexandria Area YMCA project: Your donation will be worth twice as much.

That's because Douglas Machine has issued a $50,000 challenge to the community.

The company will match dollar for dollar (up to $50,000) every dollar pledged from individuals in the community.

The YMCA is currently in the last leg of its "Race to the Finish" capital campaign. The campaign kicked off in January 2009 to raise the remaining $1.8 million needed to begin construction.

Pledges of $381,345 have been received since Race to the Finish began - leaving just under $1.5 million to reach the campaign goal.

Of the $8.885 million project total, more than $7.36 million in pledges have now been received to date. The $7.36 million was pledged from a total of 496 donors in the community.

YMCA leaders and volunteers are urging individuals, families, businesses and organizations who have not been involved to date to get involved in the campaign.

With the $50,000 match in effect, now is an even better time to pledge support for the YMCA, noted Jeff Bartholomew, executive director.

YMCA leaders encouraged residents to consider a number of giving scenarios:

•Pledging $8.33 per month for five years equals a $500 pledge.

•Pledging $16.66 per month for five years equates to $1,000 and would earn donors a place on the "donor wall" to be displayed at the new YMCA.

•"Progressive" pledges, small amounts for the first year, increasing over time, are another option for donors.

•Small one-time gifts or pledges are also welcome.

If 1,000 people would pledge $1,000 over five years (a cost of $16.67 per month), the YMCA would be at or near its total campaign goal.

To give to the Alexandria YMCA, call (320) 763-9621 or visit the Web site,

For more information on the YMCA Capital Campaign, call Jeff Bartholomew at (320) 763-9621.

The YMCA hopes to break ground on a 56,000-square-foot facility this spring along County Road 82 and to open the doors in the spring of 2010.