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Letter - Ashby is not a dying town

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the commentary in your January 30 edition entitled, "Crestview deserves support." I am in total agreement with the author concerning residents of small towns banding together to support community businesses. She, however, made comments concerning the city of Ashby that require a response.

She referred to Ashby as a "town that is dying." She refers to two empty facilities. Yes, our nursing home closed (which was owned by the same people that own Crestview) and that is a loss. I would point out that our second facility is a brand new assisted living complex, which will open as soon as the necessary licenses are obtained.

I doubt the author is familiar with Ashby or she would be aware that we are far from dying. Both our bank and liquor store/pub have enlarged and remodeled. We built a $7 million addition to our school, which had to split the kindergarten class this year because of increased enrollment. TCF Produce is currently remodeling and enlarging their facility. We have built 11 new houses in the last two years. The city has developed 38 lots with water, sewer, curbs, paved streets and decorative lighting with three new houses, another four lots have been sold and there are down payments on six more lots.

Fergus Falls Medical Group has invested heavily in Ashby by building a new clinic. We have a fire department, ambulance service and a police department. How many other towns in the area offer these services?

To refer to Ashby as a dying town is ludicrous. I am sure most small towns in our area would be thankful to be in the same position as Ashby.

Richard Walton

Ashby, MN