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Editorial - Internet blogs are worth checking out

It's been said that the Internet - with its funny, risqué and bizarre content - has turned the country into two types of people: exhibitionists and voyeurs.

But there are other features on the Internet that are opening up a new kind of dialogue, a new way of looking at things and a new method of discussing issues.

An example is blogging. For those unfamiliar with the term, a blog is like a personal diary where people can make observations on a topic of their choosing. It's typically written in reverse chronological order and anyone can join in, commenting on their own situations, asking questions, adding Web links and so on.

It's a refreshingly different way to talk about issues in an informal, helpful and oftentimes, insightful manner.

Right now, on the Echo Press Web site there are a variety of interesting and compelling blogs being posted. You can find them under "Area Voices" in the middle of the front page at

Greta Petrich, editor of the Osakis Review, wrote about blogs as part of her weekly "Point of View" column. She listed the following samples from Area Voices:

Osakis Silverstreaks...

The wrestlers took their positions at the center of the mat, Charles Johnson to the crowd's left and Wendell Larson (Osakis fan favorite) took his place to the right. It definitely looked like a mismatch with Wendell's sheer strength and speed against his younger, less experienced OTC opponent. But amongst the cheers and chants of Wendell, I had no idea that at the ref's whistle this fan would be witnessing a piece of Minnesota High School League wrestling history and Osakis school history.

Confessions of a DUI driver...

Fashionista - "Get your shoes on, we're going to court." What? They stole your shoes last night!! As you start explaining this to the nice man, he keeps interrupting, repeating, "Get your shoes. Get them on! Get. Your. Shoes. ON!" You start yelling back at him. "THEY TOOK THEM WHEN I GOT HERE!!!!" He's a little taken aback by this, and mumbles something about going to get you some flats. Whatever those are.

He comes back with the ugliest things you've ever seen. They're sandals. Made out of rubber. A sickening brown color, with little holes all over in them. They look fantastic with your dirty socks, unkempt hair and tartar sauce shirt. The two of you walk out the door of your cell and make your way to the courtroom. Apparently it's time for your bail hearing. Good luck.

More with Morken...

First deer with a bow - On Sunday, I decided to make a move to a different shelter belt away from any standing corn. It proved to work as I saw a doe and two fawns within 10 minutes of getting settled into my climbing stand. About a half an hour later, the deer I ended up shooting came in alone and I decided to pull the trigger. It wasn't any of the big bucks that we had seen over the course of our three days out there but I think I was shaking just as hard after making a clean kill as I would have had it been a buck.

Confessions of a fat girl...

Loathing skinny women - I once worked with a girl who ate like a bird and exercised like mad. I hated her. Not literally, but I hated that she made it look so easy to pass up the cake, the cookies and anything else loaded with ooey-gooey calories. And she talked about exercise like I talked about shopping. She loved it. But, was she really happy being stick thin and living a life obsessed with her health?

Why Mom works...

Stuck with somewhere to go - I found it necessary to warn him not to get too close to the van only to direct him right into the snowbank on the right-hand side of the driveway. Geez, there are days I wish I carried a spare sock so I could avoid being so helpful.

If you haven't taken the time to check out the blogs, you should give it a whirl. You might just find yourself contributing to the discussion and maybe even learning a thing or two along the way.