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Make Alexandria kinder this week

The Alexandria area may feel a little nicer and kinder this week.

The 12th annual Random Acts of Kindness Week is from January 25 through January 31 and is sponsored by the Alexandria Kiwanis and the Golden K Clubs.

The point of Random Acts of Kindness Week is to focus on the positive, and make the Alexandria area an even better place to live and work.

Some suggestions for an act of kindness are: Bake cookies for your neighbor; make the coffee; shovel the walk; keep a promise - whatever small act will make another person's day a little brighter and the world a better place.

Once again, the main event the clubs are sponsoring is a coloring contest for the elementary schools in District 206. The children draw or color a random act of kindness and ribbons will be awarded.

The children have received details about the contest at their school. There is no entry fee; only an imagination is required to enter the contest.

Entries were reviewed Saturday and winners will be notified this week. Look for the children's posters around town, and the various winners' posters at the Douglas County Library.

Random Acts of Kindness Week has been specifically planned not to be a fundraiser so that any of the other local service groups, churches, and other community organizations can participate as they see fit.

Many other local businesses and organizations have joined in on the event over the past years, and the Kiwanis Clubs hope that everyone will participate in some fashion this year.

The Kiwanis Clubs encourage everyone in the community to commit a random act of kindness. Not only will you make someone else's day brighter, members said, but you will also make your own more fulfilling.