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Letter - Governor is out of touch

To the editor:

On Thursday, January 8, I read with great interest Carolyn Lange and Linda Vanderwerf's story in the West Central Tribune about Governor Pawlenty's assertion that school districts must use more sharing and cooperation in order to deliver their educational services to their students.

I'm trying to mince my words here and not throw stones, but good grief, does that guy sound out of touch or what! Did he ever leave the governor's mansion last year, other than going to campaign for John McCain? Rural school districts have been utilizing co-ops, pairing, consolidation, and other means of downsizing and sharing and cutting their budgets, dating back to the late 1950s.

Even this son of a small dairy farmer, who can sometimes be accused of living a sheltered life, knows that much. Governor Pawlenty, with all due respect, your lack of attention to what is going on in rural Minnesota is embarrassing.

Randy O. Olson, interim editor, Hoffman Tribune

Hoffman, MN