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Two New Year's Eve parties in Alexandria offer fun, safe ways to celebrate

Looking for a fun, safe place to celebrate New Year's Eve tonight?

Here are a couple of options in Alexandria:

The Cardinal Leaders from Jefferson High School in Alexandria is hosting a free party for families to come and hang out from 5 to 8 p.m. on New Year's Eve.

The event will take place at the Runestone Community Center and includes food, games and an open skate.

Also, First Baptist Church of Alexandria will host a New Year's Eve Party at 7 p.m. that's open to the public.

This event is for any person who would like to celebrate New Year's Eve in a fun, safe atmosphere. Single persons and families alike are invited.

"We love to serve our community by hosting this fun, free event. Join us in making new friends in the community along with fun, laughter and food," says event organizer, Greg Burnham.

The party will take place in the Church Fellowship hall at 7th Avenue East and Hawthorne Street.

Attendees will be able to ring in the New Year by sharing snacks and refreshments, playing Bingo, board games, and general merrymaking. There will be chess and Foosball tournaments.

If you have questions, contact the church office at (320) 762-1565 or Greg at (320) 759-1925.