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Letter - Every child has the right to read

To the editor:

"The ratio of books to children in middle-income neighborhoods is approximately 13 books to one child, the ratio in low-income neighborhoods is one book to 300 children ... in addition, over 80 percent of child care centers serving low-income children lack age-appropriate books." This according to the handbook of early literacy research by Susan B. Neuman and David K. Dickinson.

As a person in the child development field, I believe every child has a right to be able to read. If they don't have a library card, parents should take their child to get one. If not a parent, a teacher should take a field trip so a child has one.

Children should be read to while still in the womb. Literacy at an early age is very important. There are so many children in this country who cannot read or haven't even picked up a book, and that's heartbreaking. I encourage parents and teachers to step up and make this an absolute issue.

Shanna L. Iverson-Cleveland, Alexandria Technical College Child Development student

Alexandria, MN