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Letter - Let children bring out creativity

To the editor:

Today, the media plays a big role in the lives of our children, including the toys they get to play with. Toys should not have a specific way to play with them. Media tells the children what they should play with and how.

Toys should be open ended. In other words, the toys should let children play with a specific toy how they want to by using their creativity and imagination. Children should not play with toys how the media tells them to.

Toys should let children's imaginations run wild. There are big price differences between media toys and "regular" toys. On average, there is about a 25 percent price difference between media and regular toys.

When children are about to use their imagination, it brings out the creativity of play and interactions with other children. So turn off the TV, DVDs, computer games and video games and let your children bring out their creativity and imagination with play.

Angela Kenner, Alexandria Technical College Child

Development student

Alexandria, MN