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Letter - Nothing positive from The Simpsons

To the editor:

I was surprised to see The Simpsons toys coming in kids' meals at Burger King. Parents stop at Burger King with their children to go inside to eat, then play, or through the drive-thru for a quick something-to-eat. Either way, children are getting kids meals that come with toys.

The toys Burger King is promoting now are Simpson's characters. I feel that there is nothing positive coming from The Simpsons, so why is it being advertised to young children?

The Simpsons television show has various types of violent and negative actions throughout just one episode. I do not feel that The Simpsons is appropriate for young children. Even though Burger King is mainly unhealthy already, to add to that they include negative cartoon toys in the kids' meals.

Megan Biggar, Alexandria Technical College Child

Development student

Alexandria, MN