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Zion principal sent to the playground

Lynn Pfeffer, principal of Zion Lutheran School, spent November 4 conducting business from the school's new playground equipment.

Students in preschool through 8th grade at Zion Lutheran School in Alexandria participated in the Marathon for Nonpublic Education on October 2-3.

Students collected donations for a fundraising walk, with a goal of raising $8,000.

Preschool students walked to Noonan Park, while students in kindergarten through 8th grade walked on the Central Lakes Trail.

The students raised more than $12,000, with additional money coming from Thrivent Financial, First State Bank, Bremer Bank and Neighborhood National Bank.

As a reward for surpassing their goal, Zion principal Lynn Peffer agreed to spend most of the day on Tuesday, November 4 conducting business from the school's brand new playground structure.

The students visited him throughout the day, and he also led various activities from his temporary "office."

The students have worked for several years to raise funds for the new playground structure. Money will also be used for individual classroom needs and the gym sound project.