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Letter - A better solution needed

To the editor:

I just received the project update from CLRSD. They certainly know how to put a spin on their activities.

I have a comment on the Phase II update and the committee that has been formed to come up with solutions for Brandon Township. The chair of this committee and the volunteers are all pro big pipe. The volunteers were called or approached and asked to be on the committee. I believe, with the exception of Mike Cleary and one other gentleman, the volunteers are all from Big Chip Lake. Not one person who is against the big pipe was asked to be on this committee. Not one person who is interested in an alternative solution to this problem was asked.

At Brandon Township meetings, Representative Torrey Westrom pointed out to the board that there is opt-out language written into the CLRSD proposal. Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen points out to them he is hearing from a lot of people who are not in favor of CLRSD and reminds them that a democracy represents the majority of the people.

The board also voted to turn down a petition with more than 200 signatures to hold a special meeting. Where is the democracy in this board?

We appreciate the detailed account of a new septic system and have given it some thought. We maintain and take care of our present system and expect it is going to last many years. If we ever do need to upgrade, $13,000 is still going to cost less than the CLRSD's ongoing charges.

Another concern that no one seems to be addressing is this: With CLRSD, all of the water from our wells heads toward the Gulf of Mexico and is not replenished into our water tables.

There has got to be a better solution.

Carol Hertzog

Brandon, MN