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Gas leak leads to evacuation in Brandon

A small gas leak had a potential for causing big problems in Brandon Friday.

As a precaution, three city blocks were evacuated but everything turned out all right.

The incident began at 11:42 a.m. when the Douglas County Sheriff's Office received a call from a Brandon city worker that a tank holding chlorine gas was leaking.

The gas is used in the treatment of the city's water supply.

The Brandon Fire Department was notified and firefighters immediately established a perimeter to secure the area. Homes and businesses in approximately three city blocks in all directions from the leaking gas were evacuated.

Because of the volatile nature of the gas, the regional Chemical Assessment Team (CAT) from Morris responded to the scene.

CAT was able to resolve the situation safely, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. It determined that a valve on the gas tank had not seated properly when an empty tank was exchanged for a full one.

There were no injuries.

Agencies and staff involved in the incident were the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, Douglas County Emergency Management Director and Sheriff Troy Wolbersen, Brandon Fire Department, North Ambulance and CAT.