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Woman pleads guilty in murder case

An Alexandria woman who was charged with stabbing her 47-year-old boyfriend, Delvaine Hecker, to death pleaded guilty to murder in the second degree last Thursday in Douglas County District Court.

During her plea, Darlene Williams, 45, stated that on November 28, 2007, she and Hecker were arguing before she stabbed him, according to Douglas County Attorney Chris Karpan.

Williams admitted that she used a knife to intentionally cut Hecker, but that she never meant to kill him.

Karpan said that while the couple's relationship involved previous physical altercations, Williams specifically acknowledged that the stabbing was not in self-defense.

In an earlier statement to law enforcement, Williams, who is five feet two inches and 110 pounds, said she was not afraid of Hecker on the night of the stabbing and had simply reached her limit.

Karpan noted that a sub-divison of the second-degree murder charge that Williams pleaded guilty to does not require a specific intent to kill, but only that a felony level assault results in the victim's death.

Any assault with a knife is a felony and the cause of Hecker's death was a single stab wound to the abdomen with a 12-inch butcher knife.

A pre-sentence investigation was ordered to be completed by a probation officer prior to the sentencing, which is slated for sometime in late November or early December.

Background information

According to a criminal compliant filed in Douglas County District Court, here is what authorities believe took place in the early morning hours of November 28, 2007.

At 2:46 a.m., a 911 call came in to Douglas County dispatch from Williams. She told the dispatcher that she had stabbed her boyfriend.

When officers arrived on scene - Lot E1 in Olson's Mobile Park - they found Hecker sitting on a chair in the kitchen with a large pool of blood underneath him. He was non-responsive, but had a weak pulse and shallow breathing.

When Williams was taken outside and asked who stabbed Hecker, she blurted out, "I did," according to the complaint.

During questioning, Williams explained that she was arguing with Hecker before the stabbing and was angry with him because he continually brought up issues from the past. Williams told investigators that she had gone into the bedroom to get away from Hecker.

He reportedly followed her and continued to bring up past issues. Williams then reportedly stood up and slapped him across the face. Hecker reportedly then left the bedroom.

Williams told investigators that Hecker came back into the bedroom and slapped her, at which point she grabbed the knife, stood up from the bed and stabbed him in the abdomen, according to the complaint.

Hecker left the bedroom and made his way on his own to the kitchen where he slumped over into a chair, which is where officers found him. Williams told authorities she waited a few minutes, checked his pulse, found it and then dialed 911.

Hecker was taken to the hospital, where he later died. An autopsy conducted by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner's office revealed a single stab wound originating in Hecker's lower left side of his back that went from back to front, left to right and slightly upward, traveling at least five inches through his body. His abdominal aorta was partially severed, which resulted in massive blood loss, causing his death, according to the complaint.