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Legislative survey shows split results on seat belt law

The Minnesota State Fair has closed its gates for the season, but not before thousands of visitors participated in a nonpartisan poll conducted by House Public Information Services.

The poll is an informal, unscientific survey addressing some of today's biggest discussion topics.

Here's a rundown of the results provided by State Representative Torrey Westrom, R-Elbow Lake.

1. This November, voters will be asked whether Minnesota should increase the sales tax by 3/8 of 1 percent with the money dedicated for the environment and the arts. Do you support this? (Note: A non-vote will be a no vote in November.)

Yes 49.0% (3,640)

No 42.9% (3,188)

Undecided/No Opinion 8.0% (595)

2. Should voters be required to show a picture ID before casting their ballot?

Yes 67.0% (4,986)

No 27.1% (2,017)

Undecided/No Opinion 5.8% (432)

3. A motorist can now only be cited for failure to wear a seat belt if they are stopped for another infraction. Should law enforcement be permitted to stop someone solely for not wearing a seat belt?

Yes 47.1% (3,504)

No 47.0% (3,499)

Undecided/No Opinion 5.8% (431)

4. Should the state's 14-year moratorium on nuclear power plant construction be lifted so new facilities can be considered to help meet the state's electricity needs?

Yes 61.0% (4,511)

No 26.4% (1,952)

Undecided/No Opinion 12.6% (935)

5. Clothing sold in the state is not subject to sales tax. Should it be?

Yes 11.6% (864)

No 84.6% (6,285)

Undecided/No Opinion 3.7% (276)

6. Should public school students be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance each day?

Yes 46.3% (3,436)

No 45.9% (3,406)

Undecided/No Opinion 7.8% (578)

7. The state is expected to face a deficit in excess of $1 billion next fiscal year. Do you generally support budget cuts as opposed to increasing certain taxes in times of economic distress?

Yes 46.5% (3,444)

No 43.0% (3,188)

Undecided/No Opinion 10.4% (773)

8. Should undergraduate students at a state college or university have their tuition locked in so that any semester during a four-year period it could not exceed the price the student was charged during their first semester?

Yes 62.1% (4,604)

No 26.7% (1,981)

Undecided/No Opinion 11.1% (826)

9. Should grocers and large retailers who use plastic carryout bags be required to make in-store bag recycling available?

Yes 76.0% (5,635)

No 19.7% (1,462)

Undecided/No Opinion 4.3% (323)

10. Hospitals are permitted to set staffing levels for registered nurses. Should the Legislature set a maximum number of patients a nurse can care for during a shift?

Yes 50.8% (3,770)

No 36.8% (2,725)

Undecided/No Opinion 12.4% (918)

11. Should a 25-percent investment tax credit be made available for investments in qualifying new bioscience business ventures?

Yes 40.6% (2,999)

No 29.0% (2,145)

Undecided/No Opinion 30.3% (2,243)

12. Should lawn care companies and other commercial applicators be required to post 48-hour advance warnings before spraying city yards or farm fields with weed killers or other pesticides?

Yes 60.0% (4,445)

No 29.3% (2,177)

Undecided/No Opinion 10.7% (797)

13. What should be the state sport?

Fishing 28.3% (1,931)

Football 4.6% (316)

Golf 2.2% (150)

Hunting 3.6% (245)

Ice hockey 35.2% (2,403)

Water skiing 3.2% (218)

Other 22.9% (1,564)