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A really big day

When Danielle Bous traveled with her dad to WE Fest, a three-day country music festival held annually near Detroit Lakes, she had only one goal - to meet Taylor Swift.

"She's my favorite," 9-year-old Danielle said of the award-winning country music singer/songwriter. "I'm her number one fan!"

And if things didn't turn out the way she hoped, she'd still be able to see 18-year-old Swift in concert.

On the trip, Danielle, the daughter of Justin Bous of Alexandria and Lisa Bous of Elbow Lake, told everyone about her aspirations to meet the star. One of those people was Vince Frost, the VIP Camping supervisor.

"I told him how much I liked Taylor and that I really wanted to meet her," Danielle said with a grin. She and her dad were invited to be at the back stage entrance an hour and a half before the concert.

"There was a possibility we could get on the stage off to the side to watch the concert," Bous said.

Swift was scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 7. Danielle and her dad were at the back entrance earlier than instructed, with high hopes of seeing Swift up close.

Danielle's heart fell, however, when it was announced that there would be a "meet and greet" event with Swift for VIP fans.

"There wasn't supposed to be one, and there was," Justin explained. "So Danielle had to stand and watch all these people go in and meet her, and she couldn't go. It was pretty disappointing for her."

Things brightened some for the Evansville 4th grader when she was invited to sit on the side of the stage where Swift was going to perform.

She was seated next to a woman she later learned was Swift's mother.

At the end of the performance, after Swift exited the stage, Danielle was invited onto the stage, presented with flowers, and introduced to the audience as "the nation's #1 Taylor Swift fan" in front of an estimated 50,000 people.

"He said my name in front of all the people," Danielle said with a huge grin. "It was pretty cool."

But not as cool as what was still to come.

Swift's mother invited Danielle and her dad to the star's tour bus.

"I was shaking," Danielle said. "It was like a dream. I couldn't believe it was happening!"

She spent 45 minutes on the bus talking with Swift and her mom.

"They're both really nice," she said. "I wasn't surprised. I've seen most of Taylor's interviews and knew she was nice."

Danielle also knew a lot more about Swift, including the fact that she is making another album, that a Taylor Swift doll will be out in October, and that the star loves grape juice.

The young fan also knows the words to most of Swift's songs, and gave a demonstration by belting out all the words to Swift's popular single, "Our Song."

That, along with "Beautiful Eyes" and "Picture to Burn," are Danielle's current favorite Swift songs.

Swift also gave her a tour of her bus and autographed her boot, dress, purse, CD, and the drumsticks given to her by Swift's drummer. She also gave her a bracelet.

"She tried to give me a necklace and her perfume, too, but I didn't take it," Danielle said.

Swift received some gifts as well - some pictures Danielle made her, along with the words to a song she had written, and her phone number.

"It was a really big day," Danielle said with a sigh.

With her biggest goal realized, the 9-year-old has set some new goals.

First, she and her dad are going to make a case in which to display all the items she had autographed by Swift.

In October she plans to buy the new Taylor Swift doll.

And her final goal, which she'll work on during her spare time: "I want to sing just like Taylor!"