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Lord Faris hopes to follow Humphrey's example

Born and raised in the Minneapolis suburbs, Priscilla Lord Faris considers herself the only true Minnesota candidate to be running for U.S. Senate.

The other candidates, Al Franken - her opponent in the Democratic primary on September 9 - and incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman are both from New York City.

"It's mind-boggling to me why we don't have a Minnesotan representing Minnesota," Lord Faris said when she stopped at the Echo Press Tuesday.

Her roots aren't the only reason why voters should elect her, Lord Faris said.

"I'm outraged by what's been happening with the economy," she said. "Our country has gone astray...I believe I have the common sense, the vision, for Minnesota to make it secure and thriving."

Lord Faris thinks she can be more effective than Franken at getting things done in the Senate. She said she would follow the style of Hubert Humphrey - the former vice president she came to admire while working on his staff when he was senator and campaigning for his presidential run in 1968.

"Hubert was able to get so much done with integrity and honor," she said.

Although Lord Faris thinks Coleman has a "nice demeanor" and has shown an ability to work with people, she strongly disagrees with him on several policy issues.

Lord Faris said she was vehemently opposed to going to war against Iraq from the beginning.

"I could smell a rat," she said. "If Osama bin Laden was supposed to be the enemy why were we going after Saddam Hussein?"

She supports a reasonable timetable for pulling the troops out of the Middle East.

Lord Faris does not support dipping into oil reserves to decrease gas prices, calling it only a temporary fix. She said the U.S. should take the billions of dollars that's subsidizing Big Oil and put it into developing alternative energies - solar, wind and biofuels.

She also opposes drilling for oil in environmentally sensitive areas. "We should be very careful about how we take things out of the Earth," she said.

Lord Faris is wary of nuclear energy but she said she would support more development of it if there is a regulated program in place for storing spent fuel rods.

Education is another key area of concern for Lord Faris. She said that too many college students are facing huge debt because of loans they took out to get through school. She supports capping the interest rate and the amount of money the students receive.

Lord Faris believes she can not only beat Franken in the primary but also Coleman this November. Latest poll results from KSTP-TV put Franken's support at 39 percent and Coleman's at 46 percent.

"But Franken has been campaigning for two years," Lord Faris said. "I've got 27 percent running against Coleman. That's pretty good for only one month of campaigning on a budget."

Lord Faris is the daughter of former Minnesota Attorney General Miles Lord, who later served as U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota and Federal District Court Judge, and Maxine Lord.

Her younger brother, the late Jim Lord, was elected to the Minnesota Senate and later served two terms as a DFL State Treasurer.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota and Hamline School of Law, Lord Faris' professional background includes being a 3rd grade teacher, a bankruptcy law clerk, running a personal injury law firm and having a 10-year career in investment real estate.

She's held an elected position before, serving on the Sunfish Lake City Council.

A mother of three, Lord Faris spent two years lobbying for MADD and helped to write and pass "social host" legislation that helps keep alcohol from underage users after her teenage son was killed by a drunk driver.

She is married to Wayne Faris, an attorney.