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Looking for trouble - high and low

From pickup trucks to 18-wheelers, inspections of vehicles carrying hazardous materials were conducted in the Alexandria area at various locations Monday through Wednesday.

Concentration was put on bulk cargo tanker trucks going in and out of Alexandria, according to Randy Zahn, State Patrol commercial vehicle inspector, but other vehicles including lawn service trucks or contractor-type vehicles were also inspected. He added that the commercial vehicle inspectors, along with state troopers and Minnesota Department of Transportation inspectors, were looking to see if the vehicles were in compliance with new products including E85 and bio-diesel fuels.

Inspections of standard safety equipment such as lights, brakes, tires, etc. were also conducted. Drivers were also checked for appropriate licensing and other regulations. The focus, however, was on hazardous materials. Most trucks coming into the area were in good shape, said Zahn.

Detailed information about the three-day inspection will be printed in an upcoming issue of the Echo Press.