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Update: Woman dies in Alexandria apartment fire

Honor band hails from Oslo, Norway

The honor band in this year's Vikingland Band Festival traveled more than 4,000 miles for the event.

The Stabekk School Band from Oslo, Norway, was founded in 1915.

In 1954 the band was adopted by His Majesty the King's Guard, who are models for the band. Members of the Stabekk School Band are privileged to wear the same hat as the King's Guards.

For the last four years, Stabekk School Band has won either the street-marching competition or the field-marching competition in the Norwegian Masters Competition.

The Stabekk School Band consists of 76 band members, with 54 on the USA tour. The average age of the kids attending this tour is 13-1/2 years old.

Stabekk School Band is split into three main groups; Pre Band: age 8-9, Junior Band: age 9-11 and Main Band: age 11-18. The bands are playing every Thursday night for two and one-half hours (in addition to private lessons).

The band also has a ceremonial troop consisting of musicians within the age group of 14 to 18 years. The troop consists of six parade drums plus trumpets and trombones. This troop has participated in many events in conjunction with the opening of buildings, ceremonies and other events.

The Norwegian band is traveling to Alexandria to help celebrate Minnesota's sesquicentennial and to provide its students a cross-cultural experience with American band students.