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DOGs visit elementary students

The Discovery Orientation Guides (DOGs) recently visited 4th grade classrooms at Lincoln and Washington Elementary schools in Alexandria. DOGs are a group of 9th grade students from Discovery Middle School (DMS) in Alexandria selected for their leadership potential.

The DOGs spoke to the 4th graders about the harmful effects of using tobacco and about building resistance skills that will aid students in preventing the use of tobacco. They used a method called STOP, think about the situation, DROP down on your belly, feel what it's all about, and SHOP around, discover the best choice available.

The tobacco-free program was a pilot project in collaboration with DMS, Lincoln and Washington schools and Douglas County Public Health.

While visiting the 4th graders, the DOGs encouraged them to design tobacco-free posters. All of the posters will be on display as placemats through June 8 at Pizza Ranch and Pizza Hut restaurants. In addition, the students' posters will be displayed at a tobacco-free booth during the Douglas County Fair.