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Editorial - Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Rallying around Wyley

Thumbs Up: The circumstances were tragic: A couple's dog, "Wyley," was shot to death and dumped into a ditch between Nelson and Carlos. But the community's response was uplifting: An outpouring of support for the family and a committed, united effort to avenge the dog's cruel fate by catching whoever did it. "Most of you agreed that this horrible act should not happen," said Wyley's owners, Mark Seppanen and Tracy Perry of Nelson, in a letter to the newspaper this week. "Some of you were completely outraged and insisted we do more to find the person/persons who committed this senseless act. We agree! Thanks to family, friends and people we have never met, there will be a $2,000 reward for information leading to the prosecution of the person/persons responsible for Wyley's death. If you know anything, please call the Douglas County Sheriff's Office." The number is (320) 762-8151.

Taking care of snow business

Thumbs Up: It's easy to forget about the hard-working road crews who return our travel routines to normal after unexpected snowfalls. Elaine Hollis of Alexandria gives a "thumbs up" to the LaGrand Township maintenance crew. "Once again you guys did an excellent job removing the snow after our snowstorm a couple of weeks ago," she said. "I drive several local township roads daily and I'm thankful to live in LaGrand. We all can't be first to be plowed out, but I appreciate the job you do when you do arrive. You guys do a great job taking care of our township roads."

Drivers not using their head(lights)

Thumbs Down: Dealing with unexpected wintry conditions is difficult enough for drivers but the problem get worse when so many drivers ignore the law about putting on their headlights. It happened again during last weekend's snowstorm. "Doesn't anyone know enough safety that when you cannot see because of snow or rain that the lights - headlights, not daylight running lights - should be on so you can be seen by others?" a reader told us in an e-mail. He also noticed that a lot of cars and trucks were covered with snow from front to rear - so full the driver had to have a hard time seeing out. "Come on, people. Clean those cars off and clean snow off your taillights and headlights. I think it is called common sense."

Riding the storm out - online

Thumbs Up: On the topic of the snowstorm, it was neat to see that our Web site was like a community gathering spot over the weekend. People were visiting it to check out the weather, see what was being postponed, e-mailing storm-related stories to others (probably those living in much warmer areas) and posting comments. Many supportive comments and sympathies were also passed on to the families of two men who died in a crash during the storm. The online discussion to our story about prom being canceled even prompted a follow-up story on what happened to all the rented tuxedos and flowers purchased for the big event. All in all, there was close online interaction between readers and the newspaper - one that promises to get even stronger as the full capabilities of the Internet take shape.

Preserving park memories

Thumbs Up: A reader gives a huge thumbs up to the Alexandria Park Department. "As long as I can remember they continue to make Noonan Park one of the best skating surfaces," she said. "It's a great place for fun and memories for kids in the community. I have years of everyday skating memories from 30 years ago and every time I drive by, I'm reminded of the laughter and fun we had there. My daughter will be at the skating age next year and I can't wait to make memories with her there too! So thank you to the park department for keeping this treasure so pristine."